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* Added code in place to work around issue 32.

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1 parent 5410708 commit 3a5fdd74df5f8691e265bd2761f58b31dee12933 joaotavora committed May 8, 2011
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13 autopair.el
@@ -195,7 +195,12 @@ criterious when skipping.")
syntax table.")
(defvar autopair-dont-activate nil
- "If non-nil `autopair-global-mode' does not activate in buffer")
+ "Control activation of `autopair-global-mode'.
+Set this to a non-nil value to skip activation of `autopair-mode'
+in certain contexts. If however the value satisfies `functionp'
+and is a function of no arguments, the function is called and it is
+the return value that decides.")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'autopair-dont-activate)
(defvar autopair-extra-pairs nil
@@ -321,7 +326,11 @@ For now, simply returns `last-command-event'"
(define-globalized-minor-mode autopair-global-mode autopair-mode autopair-on)
-(defun autopair-on () (unless (or buffer-read-only autopair-dont-activate) (autopair-mode 1)))
+(defun autopair-on () (unless (or buffer-read-only
+ (if (functionp autopair-dont-activate)
+ (funcall autopair-dont-activate)
+ autopair-dont-activate))
+ (autopair-mode 1)))
(define-minor-mode autopair-mode
"Automagically pair braces and quotes like in TextMate."

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