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docfix: clarify `autopair-emulation-alist`

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1 parent c6a1122 commit 95447b00dd14e1a92759256bc9a9243388e5374e @joaotavora committed Jul 3, 2012
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@@ -195,8 +195,10 @@ Set this to 'always to always skip, or 'help-balance to be more
criterious when skipping.")
(defvar autopair-emulation-alist nil
- "A dinamic keymap for autopair set mostly from the current
- syntax table.")
+ "A keymap alist for adding to `emulation-mode-map-alists'.
+The alist contains single (t MAP) association, where MAP is a
+dynamic keymap set mostly from the major mode's syntax table.")
(unless (> emacs-major-version 23)
(defvar autopair-dont-activate nil

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