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Merge pull request #308 from monsanto/yas-load-snippet-buffer-fix

Fix: "arrayp, nil" bug in yas-load-snippet-buffer.
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2 parents 9503c33 + 7130d9c commit 42ed181f4a4b383da419ec51a93de4a0e4ee3749 @joaotavora committed Sep 23, 2012
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  1. +2 −3 yasnippet.el
@@ -2598,11 +2598,10 @@ whether (and where) to save the snippet, then quit the window."
(setf (yas--template-file yas--editing-template) buffer-file-name)))))
(when interactive
- (quit-window interactive)
(yas--message 3 "Snippet \"%s\" loaded for %s."
(yas--template-name yas--editing-template)
- (yas--table-name (yas--template-table yas--editing-template)))))
+ (yas--table-name (yas--template-table yas--editing-template)))
+ (quit-window interactive)))
(defun yas-tryout-snippet (&optional debug)
"Test current buffers's snippet template in other buffer."

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