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Fix: need to require `assoc`, since using `aget` somewhere

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1 parent 81dbf03 commit 9de1c5f4fb6f281cfa4af869d393db76616cb42e @joaotavora committed Nov 6, 2012
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@@ -136,6 +136,7 @@
(require 'cl)
(require 'easymenu)
(require 'help-mode)
+(require 'assoc)
(defvar yas--editing-template)

2 comments on commit 9de1c5f

Abizern commented on 9de1c5f Dec 6, 2012

Strange that you put this back in when you took out the offending calls with c38c3aa see issue #242

With this back I'm getting a warning an every load of Emacs.

The aget is on line 2305, but I don't know enough Lisp to fix it myself.


Yes, you're right. This should be fixed in the latest HEAD.

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