Can I contribute some snippet (only some binding for write snippet) #291

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I know you say not contribute snippet...

But, nowaday, I cannot see any binding snippet. It so unfortunately.

It so useful, especially when Create some new snippet.

Select some region, and wrap a suitable wrapper, It is the rightest thing
to use binding snippet, You say ??


I'm not sure I follow. Are you saying snippets for snippet-mode? Why don't you make a fork and open a pull request, then I'll have a better idea of what you mean.

If however you know ruby and want to contribute to the other modes, consider reading and extending extras/textmate-import.rb. It's what I want to do next after I fill all the bugs you reported :-)

Anyway, as I said, fork yasnippet and open a pull request.


Closing. Yasnippet repository no longer has snippets, consider submitting to instead.

@npostavs npostavs closed this Jan 1, 2014
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