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Please tag release versions in this repo. #304

marcinant opened this Issue Sep 16, 2012 · 5 comments


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As in topic.

Could you tag current release as 0.8.0?
It could allow automated packaging for debian/ubuntu directly from git repository.


joaotavora commented Sep 17, 2012

I cannot yet tag any commit 0.8.0 since there are are still bugs too serious to make a release, for example #296 and #297 (the latter I have not looked into fully). But I will try to asap, even if all the enhancements I plan on including in a possible 0.8.something release are not ready.

Well, if its not ready to release as 0.8.0 then maybe you could just provide any other tag (ie. with lower version number)?
Currently it's just impossible detect any version from repository tags as there is no tag at all.

git describe --tags returns: fatal: No names found, cannot describe anything.

So automatic builder for debian/ubuntu sets version as 0.0


joaotavora commented Sep 17, 2012

I'm afraid the last released version is still the ancient 0.6.1c available at https://yasnippet.googlecode.com/files/yasnippet-0.6.1c.tar.bz2, but this is already packaged I think.

I don't have time right now to scroll down the list of commits to tag something 0.7, as that would only generate more confusion, as I've already decided and announced that 0.7 is not going to be released.

Anyway, if it's very urgent, does anything prevent you from building some 0.6.1d (or something < 0.8) from a specific commit sha that you find sufficiently stable?

Yes. 0.6.1c is ancient and this is why I created "snapshot" package for ubuntu from git repo. But because there is no tag at all it's versioned as 0-1-9503c33. And while 0 is less than 0.6.1 this "snapshot" package is not reported as upgrade.

I just got script that works in this way:

If there is a tag and no further commits, then version = latest tag

for example: tag=" v0.6.1" version="0.6.1-1"

or if there is a tag and some new commits, then version is parsed as last available tag + commit count + commit id.

for example latest tag="v0.6.1" and there are 40 commits with new code then version is set as "0.6.1-40-9503c33"

In this way new package is reported as upgrade to 0.6.1 until new tag as version bump.

But while there is no tags at all in this repository, version number is set to 0.

If you don't want tag at all, then well - I will just wait for 0.8.0 release and until then I just force 0 as upgrade to 0.6.1.


joaotavora commented Oct 13, 2013

thanks @npostavs. Merging this with #379

@joaotavora joaotavora closed this Oct 13, 2013

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