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fab59 commented Feb 28, 2013

If you test the code below, you will notice that there is a small problem: " / yas / text " what appears, what I do not want.
How to correct the code?
Thank you.

${1:$$(yas/choose-value '("N" "Z" "D" "Q" "R"))}${1:$(yas/latex-choose-group yas/text)} $0

(defun yas/latex-choose-group (text)
(cond ((string= text "N") "$\mathbb{N}$" )
((string= text "Z") "$\mathbb{Z}$" )
((string= text "D") "$\mathbb{D}$" )
((string= text "Q") "$\mathbb{Q}$" )
((string= text "R") "$\mathbb{R}$" )))

fab59 commented Jul 1, 2013

Why anybody does not want to try to bring an answer to the problem which I lift ?
Thank you.

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