Control GTA V on a PS3 using a Leap Motion device
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Leap Motion GTA V Controller (on the PS3)

This is a proof of concept to control the GTA V game on a PS3 by using
a Leap Motion device.

The project gets the hand gestures from the Leap Motion and simulates key
combos which should be detected by GIMX (which allows to control a PS3 from
a PC) and simulate the corresponding actions on the PS3.

How to Use

Assuming you have all that is needed for the Leap device and the GIMX to
be used...

Run the leapd daemon, then run
$ leapd &
$ ./

Run the GIMX emuclient with the provided configuration file:
$ ./emuclient --config gta-v-leap-config.xml

To know how to install and use the GIMX project, please refer to:


There are gestures not only to control the character in GTA V but also
to navigate the PS3 menu and choose the game (or use the confirm action).

List of Gestures for the Menu

To be used with one hand:

| Confirm/Choose                | Key tap gesture with one finger   |
| Go Left/Right/Up/Down         | Swipe left/right/up/down with one |
|                               | finger, respectively              |

List of Gestures In-Game

To be used with one hand:

| Walk Forward                  | Open hand, palm facing down       |
| Walk Left/Right               | Rotate the open palm left/right   |
| Walk Back/Down                | Open hand, palm facing up         |
| Run                           | Key tap gesture repeatedly with   |
|                               | the open hand                     |
| Jump                          | Quick swipe gesture upward, with  |
|                               | an open hand                      |
| Enter/Leave Car               | Circle gesture with an open hand  |
| Accelerate (in car)           | Two closed fists as if grabbing a |
|                               | steering wheel                    |
| Break (in car)                | Same as above but with the hands  |
|                               | open                              |
| Steering Left/Right (in car)  | As you expect...                  |


This project is released under GPLv3's terms and conditions.