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  • 1.15-0: Regions besides us-east-1 now supported.
  • 1.16-0: DSE 2.0 support. QA folder with test generation and smoke testing scripts.
  • 1.17-0: Notify users when ssh-keyscan fails and workaround OpsCenter 2.1.0 bug with installing agents.
  • 1.18-0: Added datastax_pssh and s3 store/restore functionality. See New Features for details.
  • 1.18-1: Added needed files to the manifest.
  • 1.18-2: Added needed files to
  • 1.18-3: Display RAX authentication errors.
  • 1.18-4: Allows the --qa switch to run in parallel threads.
  • 1.18-5: Trying to fine tune the no RSA key edge case.
  • 1.18-7: Updated to the newest 2.4 AMI built on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. (No other major changes made during this transition.)
  • 1.19-4: Be less aggressive with the security group.
  • 1.19-5: Remove handle requirement for imagelauncher.
  • 1.19-6: Stop installing OpsCenter agents and rely on datastax-agent logic on the AMI.

Automated Features

The list of automated features include:

  • DataStax username and password memory
  • AWS API key memory
  • Instance size memory
  • Input validation
  • Automated RSA fingerprint checking
  • Automatic separate known_hosts file
  • Pre-built SSH strings
  • Automatic OpsCenter agent installation
  • Passwordless SSH around the cluster
  • datastax_ssh tool
    • Allows for SSH commands to easily be run across an entire cluster
  • nodelist file
    • An uploaded file onto the cluster for later, possible, use
  • Modified hosts file
    • Allows for easy jumping between machines, e.g. c0, c1, a0, a1, s0, ...