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Uses inotify to monitor Cassandra SSTables and upload them to S3

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This Fork

  • Creates the bucket if not yet created.
  • Adds download capabilities.
  • Uses the AMI launch index within the EC2 bucket instead of the hostname, by default.
  • Allows for a tablesnap.conf file to house all the command line arguments.

Theory of Operation

Tablesnap is a script that uses inotify to monitor a directory for IN_MOVED_TO events and reacts to them by spawning a new thread to upload that file to Amazon S3, along with a JSON-formatted list of what other files were in the directory at the time of the copy.

When running a Cassandra cluster, this behavior can be quite useful as it allows for automated point-in-time backups of SSTables. Theoretically, tablesnap should work for any application where files are written to some temporary location, then moved into their final location once the data is written to disk. Tablesnap also makes the assumption that files are immutable once written.


Run python install.


Configurations happen in the command line or via $TABLESNAP_CONF, ./tablesnap.conf, ~/.tablesnap.conf, or /etc/tablesnap/tablesnap.conf.

Usage: tablesnap [options] <bucket> <path> [...]
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -k AWS_KEY, --aws-key=AWS_KEY
  -s AWS_SECRET, --aws-secret=AWS_SECRET
  -r, --recursive       Recursively watch the given path(s)s for new SSTables
  -a, --auto-add        Automatically start watching new subdirectories within path(s)
  -B, --backup          Backup existing SSTables to S3 if they're not already there
  -D, --download        Download existing SSTables on S3 to this EC2 instance

For example:

$ tablesnap -k AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA -s BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB me.synack.sstables /var/lib/cassandra/data/GiantKeyspace

This would cause tablesnap to use the given Amazon Web Services credentials to backup the SSTables for my GiantKeyspace to the S3 bucket named me.synack.sstables.

$ tablesnap -k AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA -s BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB -D me.synack.sstables /tmp

This would cause tablesnap to downlad the uploaded files into the /tmp directory. Using / as the path would download the files to the same directory.

Questions, Comments, and Help

The fine folks in #cassandra-ops on are an excellent resource for getting tablesnap up and running, and also for solving more general Cassandra issues.

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