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I created this script to download the latest (and greatest) wallpapers off of image subreddits like wallpaper to keep my desktop wallpaper fresh and interesting. The main idea is that the script would download any JPEG or PNG formatted image that it found listed in the specified subreddit and download them to a folder.


Running python -h will show this help message:

usage: [-h] [-last l] [-score s] [-num n] [-update] [-sfw] [-nsfw] [-regex REGEX] [-verbose] <dest_file>

Downloads files with specified extension from the specified subreddit.

positional arguments: Subreddit name. <dest_file> Dir to put downloaded files in.

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -last l ID of the last downloaded file. -score s Minimum score of images to download. -num n Number of images to download. -update Run until you encounter a file already downloaded. -sfw Download safe for work images only. -nsfw Download NSFW images only. -regex REGEX Use Python regex to filter based on title. -verbose Enable verbose output.


An example of running this script to download images with a score greater than 50 from the wallpaper sub-reddit into a folder called wallpaper would be as follows:

python wallpaper wallpaper -score 50

And to run the same query but only get new images you don't already have, run the following:

python wallpaper wallpaper -score 50 -update

For getting some nice pictures of cats in your catsfolder (wich will be created if it doesn't exist yet) run:

python cats ~/Pictures/catsfolder -score 1000 -num 5 -sfw -verbose

Advanced Examples

Retrieve last 10 pics in the 'wallpaper' subreddit with the word "sunset" in the title (note: case is ignored by (?i) predicate)

python wallpaper sunsets -regex '(?i).*sunset.*' -num 10
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