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Batch upload client for GNU MediaGoblin
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automgtic is an automatic media uploader for GNU MediaGoblin.


automgtic authenticates to the GNU MediaGoblin server via OAuth draft v2.25.

automgtic uses a local database where it stores:

  • An MD5 digest of an uploaded file to prevent multiple uploads of the same file due to filesystem changes.
  • The filename of the file when it was uploaded.
  • The metadata returned by the GNU MediaGoblin server when the file was posted.


To install automgtic, download the files or clone the repo, then cd to the directory containing the automgtic.ini file and run:

virtualenv .  # Create a new python virtualenv
. bin/activate  # Activate the virtualenv
python develop  # Fetch all the dependencies into your virtualenv
# !! - This is a single command split up on two lines
python -c "from automgtic.models import Base, engine
Base.metadata.create_all(engine)" # Create the DB tables


Once you have installed the dependencies, you need to have an OAuth client registered on the GNU MediaGoblin instance, you can register one at instance.example/oauth/client/register.

Once you have registered your OAuth client you need the client identifier in your config.


Before you start editing your config, do cp automgtic.ini automgtic_local.ini, this to separate the version-controlled automgtic.ini from your local settings.

When the client_id is set, run ./ --authorize, then follow the instructions provided. This will update your .ini with the access_token field and you will be ready to upload media with automgtic.

To upload media from a directory, simply run ./ --run <directory>.

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