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OMGMG - GNU MediaGoblin client

License:Apache License v2
Author: Joar Wandborg

OMGMG is a GNU MediaGoblin web client that authenticates to a GNU MediaGoblin site (such as or via OAuth.


To install OMGMG, run:

git clone <path-to-git-repo>
cd omgmg/
virtualenv .  # Create a python virtualenv
source bin/activate  # Activate the virtualenv
python develop  # Install the requirements


To use OMGMG, you must have a GNU MediaGoblin account. You can either get an account from any of the sites listed at or set up your own.

  1. Visit /oauth/client/register on your GNU MediaGoblin site to register a new client. GNU MediaGoblin will give you values to fill into your OMGMG

  2. Copy to, then edit it to contain the values provided when you registered your client.

  3. Start the server:

  4. Go to http://localhost:8181.