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This package helps PHP developers connect with the job board's RSS feed. In just a couple lines of code, you can grab job listings from GoRemote's feed.


$client = new GoRemoteProvider(new GoRemoteQuery());
$jobs = $client->getJobs();

See Usage section below for more detailed examples.


JobApis makes job board and company data more accessible through open source software. To learn more, visit, or contact us at



You can install this package using Composer. From the command line, run:

$ composer require jobapis/jobs-goremote


GoRemote provides no search parameters, just a feed of all their latest jobs via RSS. In order to get the latest job listings, first create a query object.

$query = new JobApis\Jobs\Client\Queries\GoRemoteQuery();

Then inject the query object into the provider.

$client = new JobApis\Jobs\Client\Providers\GoRemoteProvider($query);

And call the "getJobs" method to retrieve results.

$jobs = $client->getJobs();

The getJobs() method will return a Collection of Job objects based on's JobPosting specification.


  1. Clone this repository from Github.
  2. Install the dependencies with Composer: $ composer install.
  3. Run the test suite: $ ./vendor/bin/phpunit.
  4. (Optional) Run the test suite with real HTTP calls to the API: $ REAL_CALL=1 ./vendor/bin/phpunit.

A code coverage report will be generated in the build/ directory at the root of the project.


Please see JobApis' contribution guidelines for details.



This package is not affiliated with or supported by GoRemote and we are not responsible for any use or misuse of this software.


This package uses the Apache 2.0 license. Please see the License File for more information.


Copyright 2017, Karl Hughes.