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1.0.0 - 2016-12-31


  • User Logins via email/token.
  • Ability for Users to confirm emails once and create multiple Searches.
  • Storing daily email data in notifications DB table.
  • Users can download their daily jobs as a CSV.
  • New links to email footer to manage job search subscriptions.
  • New page to view a user's searches.
  • Filtering out recruiter listings:
    • recruiters database table, seeder, model.
    • Boolean value for filtering recruiters from results of a search.
    • New filter to remove recruiter listings if preferred.
  • New database table/model for Searches.
  • jobs:email command now uses Search model instead of User model for queries.
  • Moved job/collection-related filters into their own folder.
  • Added JS dependencies: Jquery, Bootstrap, Tether.
  • Support for new job boards.
  • Added timezone to .env
  • Premium interest page and form.
  • Added images of providers on home page.
  • Upgraded to JobsMulti v1.0.
  • Support for PHP 7.1.
  • One-click Heroku deploy.


  • Plaintext email job listings were showing up as blank.
  • Moved unsubscribe endpoint to /users/:id/unsubscribe.
  • Removed uuid unsigned constraint from token table migration.