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Release Notes for Fluid Video Player 0.1
Main Project Site:
What's New in 0.1?
* Support for captions
* Support for transcripts
* Integration into UI Options
* keyboard accessibility
Downloading Video Player
For development, you can download the Video Player source code from Github:
Video Player ships with demos for seeing it in action. You can
find it in the "demos" folder in the release bundle or nightly builds on our web site at:
When run from your local machine, the demos must be served through a web server to function properly.
Fluid Video Player is licensed under both the ECL 2.0 and new BSD licenses.
More information is available in our wiki:
Third Party Software in Video Player
This is a list of publicly available software that is redistributed with Fluid Video Player,
categorized by license:
MIT License:
* jQuery UI css v1.8.14
* html5shiv v3.6.1
* MediaElement.js v2.9.1
BSD License:
* Fluid Infusion 1.5 Snapshot (
** see lib/infusion/README.txt for specific details on the version used
Other licenses:
* Captionator
Supported Browsers
The following browsers are fully supported and were actively tested against for Video Player 0.1:
* Chrome 25
* Firefox 19
* Internet Explorer 8, 9
* Safari 6.0.2
For more information on Fluid Video Player browser support, please see:
Known Issues
The Fluid Project uses a JIRA website to track bugs:
Some of the known issues in this release are described here:
VP-100: Make captions show for YouTube videos
VP-87: Captions don't work in IE8
VP-264: Captions don't show with .mp4 videos
VP-4: Safari; Track elements with data sources not working
Full Screen:
VP-258: YouTube videos break in full screen mode
VP-191: Implement fullscreen functionality for Opera and IE
VP-279: In IE8, invisible full screen button is tab focusable. Going full screen removes video player from tab order upon returning to normal mode.
UIO Integration:
VP-269: Transcript language is incorrect in the language drop down after specifying a language in UIO
VP-88: UIO inputs preferences not being correctly applied on load
VP-280: Contrast styles don't apply to captions
VP-107: Changing text size with UIO does not change Video Player size until refresh for Flash videos
VP-278: In IE8, focus appears on video player container, but activates UIO instead
VP-277: Pressing space on the video container does not start the video in IE9 and IE8.
VP-284: In IE8, keyboard scrubbing stops working after attempting to scrub
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