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Jobberbase is an open-source job board platform that enables the creation of job sites.

For comparison, Jobberbase is for job sites what WordPress is for blogs.

Since launch, Jobberbase was downloaded more than 100,000 times.


See it in action at


See how to install it at

A bit of history

Jobberbase was born in October 2007.

Filip had previously created, a tech-only job board that quickly became known and loved in the Romanian tech community.

As an experiment and being influenced by how Ruby on Rails (framework) came out of Basecamp (product), Filip decided to open-source jobber, 3 months after launch.

Jobberbase was the first open-source job board platform, a breath of fresh air in a world where all other similar software was legacy, ugly and paid-for, thus challenging the status quo.

Over the next few years, Jobberbase gained popularity and a few core contributors, most notably Lavi & Cosmin Mendrea and Radu Lucaciu who were also heavily involved in the community, helping people out. Other developers started to make a living by customising and extending Jobberbase for their clients. New visual themes were created...

Good times!

Unfortunately for Jobberbase, life happened and the project slowly fell into oblivion. It was nice, it had potential, but we just didn't have time...

Status quo (March 2014)

Jobberbase saw its last release in 2010 with version 1.9 and it's been gathering dust since then. What's currently in this repository is a version 2.0 beta. This version was highly anticipated by the community a few years ago and it never got to see the light of day. It's about 95% there, with some areas rewritten and several improvements.

The list of what we want to do is long -- both on the frontend (improving the UX through a responsive theme) and the backend (the "framework" and architecture is old, really old).

It's quite possible that job boards are dying as recruiting is moving more and more to social media and other channels, so at the time of writing this, actually devoting time to Jobberbase seems risky.

But you know what? I, Filip, believe in it. I believe the world still needs a good job board platform and I'd like to invite anyone who believes the same, to join in.

For everyone who was ever involved with Jobberbase, THANK YOU. We're back!

'nuf said... gotta start doing.

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