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Helidon Kafka MP Example

This example demonstrates the integration of Kafka with a simple Microservice built using Helidon MicroProfile.

Install All Required Tools

Clone the Repository

Start Kafka

We need a Kafka cluster to run this example. Please finish this step before proceeding further. Go to project root folder in the project source and run the docker-compose up as shown here. This is the quick way of getting kafka running locally:

 docker-compose up -d

Alternatively you can set up Kafka locally by following the instructions from Apache Kafka web site:

Build and Run

With JDK8+

mvn package
java -jar target/helidon-example-mp-kafka.jar

A Glance at the Implementation

  • ClassicKafkaMessageConsumer: This class contains the logic for listening to the Kafka topic. This class uses a custom annotation '@Startup' so that it gets instantiated on application start up. The annotation '@Startup' is provided by class in this project. To learn more about this extension, read section '16.1. Creating an Extension' in
  • ClassicKafkaMessageProducer: This class contains the logic for publishing messages to the Kafka topic. It is used by GreetResource class.
  • GreetResource: : This is the REST resource implementation used in this example. When updateGreeting method is called via REST PUT operation, the new greeting sent by client is sent to Kafka queue for consumption by the Kafka consumers
  • This config file holds the kafka configuration used in this example

Exercising the Example

This is simple example that use Kafka to notify intrested parties whenevr greeting resource is modified. Whenever a client modifies the greeting via PUT method call as shown below, the API implementation publishes the modified greeting value to kafka topic. Kafka consumers who listen on the topic, gets the modified greeting messages.

curl -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"greeting" : "Hola"}' http://localhost:8090/greet/greeting

Stop and Remove the Containers Used for this Example

docker-compose stop 
docker-compose rm
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