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Advanced configurations

John Bieling edited this page Nov 12, 2018 · 16 revisions

A few special options cannot be set in TbSync directly and must be set in Thunderbird's advanced options. You can find them here:

General options


Defines the maximum time to wait for an answer from the server, in milliseconds. If that timeout is reached sync stops with an timeout error.

Default: 90000

Options for Exchange ActiveSync


Defines how many old events should be synced from the server to Thunderbird. The following integer values are allowed:

  • 0 (all)
  • 4 (2 weeks)
  • 5 (1 month)
  • 6 (3 month)
  • 7 (6 month)

Default: 7


Defines the maximum items transmitted per request.

Default: 50