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  • DAV: oauth (google)
  • ---------
  • TBSYNC: sync after local changes
  • TBSYNC: cardbook support for dav and eas
  • EAS: push only if card changed... use TB-to-vCard and EAS-to-vCard
  • DAV: sogo/synology (test site)
  • ---------
  • check lightning stuff on first usage, instead of in startup?
  • custom calendar and custom addressbook with sync buttons
  • ---------
  • allow to set email identity
  • EAS: Add support for push sync (heartbeat/ping)
  • ---------
  • if task and event folder have the same name (on the server), map them into the same lightning calendar (as with SOGo or with any custom setup)
  • add support for DeadOccur and Regenerate (or at least do not change the values)
  • fix issue #45 (lost attendees, owner)
  • improve handling of invites
  • check capabilities.alarms.maxCount and capabilities.attachments.supported


  • Make TBSync/Exchange address book default in Thunderbird (issue #49)
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