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Tower of Hanoi remote backup script

Linux bash script

Author: jobjol jobjoling[at]

Fork of hanoi_backup v2.3.1 Author: jeremdow[at]

##Purpose Generate full backups from remote server locations with rsync.

##Desciption This script will archive specified files and folders on the remote host. If run as a daily cron job, archives are rotated on a Tower of Hanoi schedule. Archives from 1, 2, 4, 8, 16... $max days ago are retained depending on the setting.

##Prerequisites Copy your SSH key to the remote host, to allow access without a password. Make sure the destination directory exists and the script has write permissions to it.

##Settings user = username to login with at the remote server server = IP address remote server dest = local backup destination (Don't append a slash) files = remote backup directory (don't append a slash) exclude = Exclude pattern(s), see man rsync --exclude max = Oldest backup to keep (as a power of 2 in days)