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Latest changes

Release 0.6.3

2012-02-14 GaelVaroquaux

BUG: fix joblib Memory pickling

2012-02-11 GaelVaroquaux

BUG: fix hasher with Python 3

2012-02-09 GaelVaroquaux

API: filter_args: *args, **kwargs -> args, kwargs

Release 0.6.2

2012-02-06 Gael Varoquaux

BUG: make sure Memory pickles even if cachedir=None

Release 0.6.1

Bugfix release because of a merge error in release 0.6.0

Release 0.6.0

Beta 3

2012-01-11 Gael Varoquaux

BUG: ensure compatibility with old numpy

DOC: update installation instructions

BUG: file semantic to work under Windows

2012-01-10 Yaroslav Halchenko

BUG: a fix toward 2.5 compatibility

Beta 2

2012-01-07 Gael Varoquaux

ENH: hash: bugware to be able to hash objects defined interactively in IPython

2012-01-07 Gael Varoquaux

ENH: Parallel: warn and not fail for nested loops

ENH: Parallel: n_jobs=-2 now uses all CPUs but one

2012-01-01 Juan Manuel Caicedo Carvajal and Gael Varoquaux

ENH: add verbosity levels in Parallel

Release 0.5.7

2011-12-28 Gael varoquaux

API: zipped -> compress

2011-12-26 Gael varoquaux

ENH: Add a zipped option to Memory

API: Memory no longer accepts save_npy

2011-12-22 Kenneth C. Arnold and Gael varoquaux

BUG: fix numpy_pickle for array subclasses

2011-12-21 Gael varoquaux

ENH: add zip-based pickling

2011-12-19 Fabian Pedregosa

Py3k: compatibility fixes. This makes run fine the tests test_disk and test_parallel

Release 0.5.6

2011-12-11 Lars Buitinck

ENH: Replace os.path.exists before makedirs with exception check New disk.mkdirp will fail with other errnos than EEXIST.

2011-12-10 Bala Subrahmanyam Varanasi

MISC: pep8 compliant

Release 0.5.5

2011-19-10 Fabian Pedregosa

ENH: Make joblib installable under Python 3.X

Release 0.5.4

2011-09-29 Jon Olav Vik

BUG: Make mangling path to filename work on Windows

2011-09-25 Olivier Grisel

FIX: doctest heisenfailure on execution time

2011-08-24 Ralf Gommers

STY: PEP8 cleanup.

Release 0.5.3

2011-06-25 Gael varoquaux

API: All the usefull symbols in the __init__

Release 0.5.2

2011-06-25 Gael varoquaux

ENH: Add cpu_count

2011-06-06 Gael varoquaux

ENH: Make sure memory hash in a reproducible way

Release 0.5.1

2011-04-12 Gael varoquaux

TEST: Better testing of parallel and pre_dispatch

Yaroslav Halchenko 2011-04-12

DOC: quick pass over docs -- trailing spaces/spelling

Yaroslav Halchenko 2011-04-11

ENH: JOBLIB_MULTIPROCESSING env var to disable multiprocessing from the environment

Alexandre Gramfort 2011-04-08

ENH : adding log message to know how long it takes to load from disk the cache

Release 0.5.0

2011-04-01 Gael varoquaux

BUG: pickling MemoizeFunc does not store timestamp

2011-03-31 Nicolas Pinto

TEST: expose hashing bug with cached method

2011-03-26...2011-03-27 Pietro Berkes

BUG: fix error management in rm_subdirs BUG: fix for race condition during tests in mem.clear()

Gael varoquaux 2011-03-22...2011-03-26

TEST: Improve test coverage and robustness

Gael varoquaux 2011-03-19

BUG: hashing functions with only *var **kwargs

Gael varoquaux 2011-02-01... 2011-03-22

BUG: Many fixes to capture interprocess race condition when mem.cache is used by several processes on the same cache.

Fabian Pedregosa 2011-02-28

First work on Py3K compatibility

Gael varoquaux 2011-02-27

ENH: pre_dispatch in parallel: lazy generation of jobs in parallel for to avoid drowning memory.

GaelVaroquaux 2011-02-24

ENH: Add the option of overloading the arguments of the mother 'Memory' object in the cache method that is doing the decoration.

Gael varoquaux 2010-11-21

ENH: Add a verbosity level for more verbosity

Release 0.4.6

Gael varoquaux 2010-11-15

ENH: Deal with interruption in parallel

Gael varoquaux 2010-11-13

BUG: Exceptions raised by Parallel when n_job=1 are no longer captured.

Gael varoquaux 2010-11-13

BUG: Capture wrong arguments properly (better error message)

Release 0.4.5

Pietro Berkes 2010-09-04

BUG: Fix Windows peculiarities with path separators and file names BUG: Fix more windows locking bugs

Gael varoquaux 2010-09-03

ENH: Make sure that exceptions raised in Parallel also inherit from the original exception class ENH: Add a shadow set of exceptions

Fabian Pedregosa 2010-09-01

ENH: Clean up the code for parallel. Thanks to Fabian Pedregosa for the patch.

Release 0.4.4

Gael varoquaux 2010-08-23

BUG: Fix Parallel on computers with only one CPU, for n_jobs=-1.

Gael varoquaux 2010-08-02

BUG: Fix for extra setuptools args.

Gael varoquaux 2010-07-29

MISC: Silence tests (and hopefuly Yaroslav :P)

Release 0.4.3

Gael Varoquaux 2010-07-22

BUG: Fix hashing for function with a side effect modifying their input argument. Thanks to Pietro Berkes for reporting the bug and proving the patch.

Release 0.4.2

Gael Varoquaux 2010-07-16

BUG: Make sure that joblib still works with Python2.5. => release 0.4.2

Release 0.4.1

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