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Tasks at hand on joblib, in increasing order of difficulty.

  • Add a changelog!

  • In parallel: need to deal with return arguments that don't pickle.

  • Improve test coverage and documentation

  • Store a repr of the arguments for each call in the corresponding cachedir

  • Try to use Mike McKerns's Dill pickling module in Parallel: Implementation idea:

  • Make a sensible error message when wrong keyword arguments are given, currently we have:

    from joblib import Memory
    mem = Memory(cachedir='cache')
    def f(a=0, b=2):
        return a, b
    g = mem.cache(f)
    /home/varoquau/dev/joblib/joblib/func_inspect.pyc in filter_args(func,
                ignore_lst, *args, **kwargs), line 168
            TypeError: Ignore list for diffusion_reorder() contains and
                        unexpected keyword argument 'cachedir'
  • add a 'depends' keyword argument to memory.cache, to be able to specify that a function depends on other functions, and thus that the cache should be cleared.

  • add a 'argument_hash' keyword argument to Memory.cache, to be able to replace the hashing logic of memory for the input arguments. It should accept as an input the dictionnary of arguments, as returned in func_inspect, and return a string.

  • add a sqlite db for provenance tracking. Store computation time and usage timestamps, to be able to do 'garbage-collection-like' cleaning of unused results, based on a cost function balancing computation cost and frequency of use.