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quick fix for one of the header files

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zoukai957 committed Oct 10, 2012
1 parent 720081e commit 21a5f7c51596c697949e9592e68759e99b5e84bb
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  1. +6 −5 tap.h
11 tap.h
@@ -31,24 +31,25 @@ typedef struct _datagram{
char data[500];
} datagram;
-/**Continuously reads from the tap and returns the string it gets from tap
+/**Continuously reads from the tap and sends what it read into the socket
+ * Only returns if something goes wrong otherwise loops forever
* Takes the handle of the tap as a parameter for tap_fd
* Will take up to 500 bytes from tap otherwise segmentation fault,
* but the 500 bytes is adjustable
- * User must remember to free the return
* Also assumes tap was already opened*/
-char *readTap(int tap_fd);
+int readTap(int tap_fd, int socketID);
/**opens the tap connection
* returns the tap handle
* DONT FORGET TO CLOSE TAP using close(tap_fd)*/
int openTap(char * tapName);
/**Writes messages into the tap
- * msg = message that needs to be written to the tap
+ * socketID = socket to wait for message
* tap_fd = the handle of the tap
+ * Returns a 1 upon error and returns a 0 upon success
Assumes the tap was already open*/
-void writeTap(datagram msg, int tap_fd);
+void writeTap(int socketID, int tap_fd);

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