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VZ Backup

Django App for automagically backing up Models data. Backups can be compressed, sent to ADMINS.

Uses Django's dumpdata management command.

With this app you can reset an app's model data and loaddata from an existing backup archive.

Reloading from backup archive will fail if hash from model does not match file.


Use at own risk. While I'm happy with the amount of tests, this app has not been tested very much with models that have ManyToMany or OneToMany fields. I predict some instability when reloading data from models that contain or require data from other apps.


  • Email
  • Auto/Manual Pruning
  • Download
  • Re-load
    • From Admin Site
    • From Command
  • Sha-1 hash check


admin integration

admin detail 01

admin detail 02

admin detail 03


VZ_BACKUP_DIR - required, full path to directory for backup archive files

VZ_BACKUP_INDENT - optional, default is 4, see Django documentation

VZ_BACKUP_FORMAT - optional, serialization format, default is json, see Django documentation

VZ_BACKUP_SEND_FILE - optional, how to send the file upon download from admin interface.
This can be either:



A backup manager for an app.

app_label - charfield, from application being backed up.

include - boolean, a switch that turns backups on/off for this app. Easier than deleting for troubleshooting.

use_natural_keys - boolean, see django documentation

compress - charfield, choices are bz2, gz, or none

prune_by - charfield, can either be:

  • count - delete after x number of archives that are not marked as keep, starting with oldest. x is defined in prune_by
  • size - delete after total aggregated archive size of archives not marked keep for app reaches x. x is defined as kilo bytes in prune_by
  • time - delete archives not marked keep after x days starting with oldest. x is defined as days in prune_by
  • none - don't prune

prune_value - positive integer, see prune_by

auto_prune - boolean, auto prune after each backup?

mail_to - optional, manytomany (User), list of admins to send new backups to

created - datetime

modified - datetime

Management Commands


./ add_to_backups widget

This creates a BackupObject for the widget app.

./ backukp_all

This backs up all backup objects with include switch on. Useful for cron jobs.

Admin Site Integration

Extras in js and css Directories

Adding the preceding items to your media directory will sort functionality to a nicely integrated BackupArchive control panel.