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# -*- mode: python; coding: utf-8; -*-
import markdown
# --------------- CONSTANTS YOU MIGHT WANT TO MODIFY -----------------
DEFAULT_HILITER = 'pygments' # one of 'enscript', 'dp', or 'pygments'
except AttributeError:
# --------------- THE CODE -------------------------------------------
# --------------- hiliter utility functions --------------------------
def escape(txt) :
'''basic html escaping'''
txt = txt.replace('&', '&')
txt = txt.replace('<', '&lt;')
txt = txt.replace('>', '&gt;')
txt = txt.replace('"', '&quot;')
return txt
def number(txt):
'''use <ol> for line numbering'''
# Fix Whitespace
txt = txt.replace('\t', ' '*TAB_LENGTH)
txt = txt.replace(" "*4, "&nbsp; &nbsp; ")
txt = txt.replace(" "*3, "&nbsp; &nbsp;")
txt = txt.replace(" "*2, "&nbsp; ")
# Add line numbers
lines = txt.splitlines()
txt = '<div class="codehilite"><pre><ol>\n'
for line in lines:
txt += '\t<li>%s</li>\n'% line
txt += '</ol></pre></div>\n'
return txt
# ---------------- The hiliters ---------------------------------------
def enscript(src, lang=None, num=True):
Pass source code on to [enscript] (
command line utility for hiliting.
>>> enscript(src [, lang [, num ]] )
@param src: Can be a string or any object with a .readline attribute.
@param lang: The language of code. Basic escaping only, if None.
@param num: (Boolen) Turns line numbering 'on' or 'off' (on by default).
@returns : A string of html.
if lang:
cmd = 'enscript --highlight=%s --color --language=html --tabsize=%d --output=-'% (lang, TAB_LENGTH)
from os import popen3
(i, out, err) = popen3(cmd)
# check for errors
e =
if e != 'output left in -\n' :
# error - just escape
txt = escape(src)
else :
import re
pattern = re.compile(r'<PRE>(?P<code>.*?)</PRE>', re.DOTALL)
txt ='code')
# fix enscripts output
txt = txt.replace('\n</FONT></I>', '</FONT></I>\n').strip()
html_map = {'<I>' : '<em>',
'</I>' : '</em>',
'<B>' : '<strong>',
'</B>' : '</strong>',
'<FONT COLOR="#' : '<span style="color:#',
'</FONT>' : '</span>'
for k, v in html_map.items() :
txt = txt.replace(k, v)
txt = escape(src)
if num :
txt = number(txt)
else :
txt = '<div class="codehilite"><pre>%s</pre></div>\n'% txt
return txt
def dp(src, lang=None, num=True):
Pass source code to a textarea for the [dp.SyntaxHighlighter] (
>>> dp(src [, lang [, num ]] )
@param src: A string.
@param lang: The language of code. Undefined if None.
@param num: (Boolen) Turns line numbering 'on' or 'off' (on by default).
@returns : A string of html.
gutter = ''
if not num:
gutter = ':nogutter'
if not lang:
lang = ''
return '<div class="codehilite"><textarea name="code" class="%s%s" cols="60" rows="10">\n%s\n</textarea></div>\n'% (lang, gutter, src)
def pygment(src, lang = None, num = True):
Pass code to the [Pygments]( highliter with
optional line numbers. The output should then be styled with css to your liking.
No styles are applied by default - only styling hooks (i.e.: <span class="k">).
>>> pygment(src [, lang [, num ]] )
@param src: Can be a string or any object with a .readline attribute.
@param lang: The language of code. Pygments will try to guess language if None.
@param num: (Boolen) Turns line numbering 'on' or 'off' (on by default).
@returns : A string of html.
from pygments import highlight
from pygments.lexers import get_lexer_by_name, guess_lexer, TextLexer
from pygments.formatters import HtmlFormatter
except ImportError:
# just escape and pass through
txt = escape(src)
if num:
txt = number(txt)
else :
txt = '<div class="codehilite"><pre>%s</pre></div>\n'% txt
return txt
lexer = get_lexer_by_name(lang)
except ValueError:
lexer = guess_lexer(src)
except ValueError:
lexer = TextLexer()
formatter = HtmlFormatter(linenos=num, cssclass="codehilite")
return highlight(src, lexer, formatter)
# ------------------ The Main CodeHilite Class ----------------------
class CodeHilite:
A wrapper class providing a single API for various hilighting engines. Takes source code, determines which language it containes (if not provided), and passes it into the hiliter specified.
Basic Usage:
>>> code = CodeHilite(src = text)
>>> html = code.hilite()
@param src: Can be a string or any object with a .readline attribute.
@param lang: A string. Accepted values determined by hiliter used. Overrides _getLang()
@param linenos: (Boolen) Turns line numbering 'on' or 'off' (off by default).
@param hiliter: A string. One of 'enscript', 'dp', or 'pygments'.
Low Level Usage:
>>> code = CodeHilite()
>>> code.src = text # Can be a string or any object with a .readline attribute.
>>> code.lang = 'python' # Setting this will override _getLang()
>>> code.linenos = True # True or False; Turns line numbering on or off.
>>> code.hiliter = MyCustomHiliter # Where MyCustomHiliter is callable, takes three arguments (src, lang, linenos) and returns a string.
>>> html = code.hilite()
def __init__(self, src=None, lang=None, linenos = False, hiliter=DEFAULT_HILITER):
self.src = src
self.lang = lang
self.linenos = linenos
# map of highlighters
hl_map = { 'enscript' : enscript, 'dp' : dp, 'pygments' : pygment }
try :
self.hiliter = hl_map[hiliter]
except KeyError:
raise "Please provide a valid hiliter as a string. One of 'enscript', 'dp', or 'pygments'"
def _getLang(self):
Determines language of a code block from shebang lines and whether said line should be removed or left in place. If the sheband line contains a path (even a single /) then it is assumed to be a real shebang lines and left alone. However, if no path is given (e.i.: #!python or :::python) then it is assumed to be a mock shebang for language identifitation of a code fragment and removed from the code block prior to processing for code highlighting. When a mock shebang (e.i: #!python) is found, line numbering is turned on. When colons are found in place of a shebang (e.i.: :::python), line numbering is left in the current state - off by default.
import re
#split text into lines
lines = self.src.split("\n")
#pull first line to examine
fl = lines.pop(0)
c = re.compile(r'''
(?:(?:::+)|(?P<shebang>[#]!)) #shebang or 2 or more colons
(?P<path>(?:/\w+)*[/ ])? # zero or 1 path ending in either a / or a single space
(?P<lang>\w*) # the language (a single / or space before lang is a path)
''', re.VERBOSE)
# search first line for shebang
m =
if m:
# we have a match
self.lang ='lang').lower()
except IndexError:
self.lang = None
# path exists - restore first line
lines.insert(0, fl)
# shebang exists - use line numbers
self.linenos = True
# No match
lines.insert(0, fl)
self.src = "\n".join(lines).strip("\n")
def hilite(self):
'''The wrapper function which brings it all togeather'''
self.src = self.src.strip('\n')
if not self.lang : self._getLang()
return self.hiliter(self.src, self.lang, self.linenos)
# ------------------ The Markdown Extention -------------------------------
class CodeHiliteExtention (markdown.Extension) :
def __init__(self, configs):
# define default configs
self.config = {'hiliter' : [DEFAULT_HILITER, "one of 'enscript', 'dp', or 'pygments'"],
'force_linenos' : [False, "Force line numbers - Default: False"] }
# Override defaults with user settings
for key, value in configs :
# self.config[key][0] = value
self.setConfig(key, value)
def extendMarkdown(self, md, md_globals) :
def _hiliteCodeBlock(parent_elem, lines, inList):
"""Overrides function of same name in standard Markdown class and
sends code blocks to a code highlighting proccessor. The result
is then stored in the HtmlStash, a placeholder is inserted into
the dom and the remainder of the text file is processed recursively.
@param parent_elem: DOM element to which the content will be added
@param lines: a list of lines
@param inList: a level
@returns: None"""
detabbed, theRest = md.blockGuru.detectTabbed(lines)
text = "\n".join(detabbed).rstrip()+"\n"
code = CodeHilite(text, hiliter=self.config['hiliter'][0], linenos=self.config['force_linenos'][0])
placeholder =
md._processSection(parent_elem, theRest, inList)
md._processCodeBlock = _hiliteCodeBlock
def makeExtension(configs=None) :
return CodeHiliteExtention(configs=configs)