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Dockerized Quake II OpenTDM server
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Dockerized Quake II OpenTDM server.


  • GNU/Linux.
  • Docker.
  • Firewall rules allowing inbound connections to ports being used (i.e. 27910 UDP)

Basic Usage

The docker image runs a q2pro dedicated server on internal port 27910, published port must be specified on docker run command as follows:

# docker run -d -p 27910:27910/udp invch/opentdm-docker

Normally you wouldn't need to change the net_port cvar, since the published port is managed by docker. Anyway, it can be set via environment variables.

Multiple instances can be run specifying different published ports.

# docker run -d -p 27920:27910/udp invch/opentdm-docker

# docker run -d -p 27930:27910/udp invch/opentdm-docker

Environment Variables

Common server cvars can be set as environment variables.


CVAR ENV Default Value
sv_anticheat_required SV_ANTICHEAT_REQUIRED 1

Environment variables can be passed individually to the docker run command:

# docker run -d -p 27910:27910/udp --env SV_ANTICHEAT_REQUIRED=0 invch/opentdm-docker

Or can be specified by env-file:

# docker run -d -p 27910:27910/udp --env-file ./env.list invch/opentdm-docker

Available CVARS

All available cvars are listed in the example env.list environment file.


  • Andrey Nazarov (skullernet), for his Q2pro client/server and OpenTDM fork
  • Richard Stanway (r1ch), for his OpenTDM Quake2 team deathmatch mod
  • John Carmack and the Id Software team, for releasing the q2 source code under GPL licence.
  • Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman, for GNU/Linux.
  • Bill Gates, for making me hate Windows and embrace GNU/Linux.
  • The Docker people, for Docker.
  • Archimedes of Syracuse, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Clerk Maxwell, Nikola Tesla, Alan Turing and John Von Neumann, without them, none of this would have been possible.
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