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PFunc is a set of tools for fitting and analyzing function-valued traits. It was designed for quantifying preference functions (hence the name) in biological studies of sexual selection and evolution of mate preferences. PFunc accepts a bivariate dataset composed of stimuli and responses to those stimuli as its input. It then fits cubic splines to these data using the gam function in R, and it displays the curves, along with useful measurements of the shapes of the curves. Users have several options for adjusting both the curves and the tools used to measure the curves, and for outputting results for further analysis.

See README for further details, including instructions for setup and use.

See our paper, "Describing mate preference functions and other function-valued traits," in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology (Kilmer et al. 2017). This version of PFunc is identical to the one released with that paper.

PFunc is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3. A full copy of the license is available in the accompanying file called COPYING.txt.