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History for Eiffel-Web-Framework
[2011-09-23] Jocelyn
* library "ewsgi":
- NEW simple autotest cases using Nino web server
-fixed issue with RAW_POST_DATA being added in form_data_parameters
instead of meta_variables ...
- Implemented WGI_VALUE for parameter's type (query_parameter,
form_data_parameter, item ...)
* Nino connector: added feature to shutdown the server from the WGI application
* NEW library "http_client": a new library to perform simple http requests
such as get, head, post, put, ... (currently implemented with Eiffel cURL)
* NEW library "http_authorization": added simple library to support
HTTP_AUTHORIZATION. For now only "Basic" auth type is supported ..
[2011-09-22] Javier
* NEW Example: added partial Restbuck example
[2011-09-21] Jocelyn
* Nino connector: fixed an issue with missing value for Content-Type and Content-Length
[2011-09-13] Jocelyn
* library "router": now using a generic design to allow customization of
request handler context class.
* NEW library "server/request/rest": first attempt to provide a library to
help building RESTful application (the interfaces are likely to change
[2011-09-09] Jocelyn
* library "uri-template": better support for {/vars} and {?vars}
[2011-09-07] Jocelyn
* library "router": now routing depends on uri (or uri template) and request methods
* Nino connector: Fixed issue where HTTP_ prefix were missing for header meta variable.
[2011-09-07] Jocelyn
* changelog: starting to write down changelogs file
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