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Eiffel Web Framework


Official project site for Eiffel Web Framework:

For more information please have a look at the related wiki:

For download, check


  • Developped using EiffelStudio 7.0 (on Windows, Linux)
  • Tested using EiffelStudio 7.0 with "jenkins" CI server (and v6.8 for time to time)
  • The code have to allow void-safe compilation and non void-safe system (see more about void-safety )

How to get the source code?

Using git version >= 1.6.5

Otherwise, try

An alternative to the last 2 instructions is to use the script from tools folder:

  • cd tools
  • update_git_working_copy

  • And to build the required and related Clibs

    • cd contrib/ise_library/cURL
    • geant compile

Libraries under 'library'


  • ewsgi: Eiffel Web Server Gateway Interface read more
    • connectors: various web server connectors for EWSGI
  • libfcgi: Wrapper for libfcgi SDK
  • wsf: Web Server Framework read more
    • router: URL dispatching/routing based on uri, uri_template, or custom read more


  • http: HTTP related classes, constants for status code, content types, ... read more
  • uri_template: URI Template library (parsing and expander) read more
  • CONNEG: CONNEG library (Content-type Negociation) read more


  • http_client: simple HTTP client based on cURL read more


  • encoder: Various simpler encoders: base64, url-encoder, xml entities, html entities read more


  • eel
  • eapml


  • error: very simple/basic library to handle error

External libraries under 'contrib'

Draft folder = call for contribution


  • request
    • rest: (experimental) "a" RESTful library to help building RESTful services



For more information please have a look at the related wiki:

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