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Eiffel Twitter library

  • This Eiffel library supports most of the Twitter REST API.


  • EiffelStudio 6.4 (or greater)
  • included with EiffelStudio:
  • Tested with Eiffel 6.7 (2010-12-16)
  • Note: now twitter requires Oauth authentication, which is not yet supported by this Eiffel library, however you can still use most of the queries which does not require credential (login+password)


How to get the source code?



  mkdir twitter_workspace
  cd twitter_workspace
  mkdir library
  cd library
  svn co https://github.com/jocelyn/bricabrac/trunk/src/library/xmpp
  cd ..
  mkdir examples
  cd examples
  svn co https://github.com/jocelyn/bricabrac/trunk/src/examples/xmpp

How can I try it

  • You can compile one of the examples...