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Eiffel XMPP

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Eiffel XMPP library

  • This library is initially inspired by the xmpphp library (
  • This does not fully support XMPP (especially no TLS, and so on), but this is good start if you want to use basic XMPP functionalities (i.e: sending message, managing presence, building XMPP bot, ...)


  • EiffelStudio 6.7 (or greater)
  • included with EiffelStudio:
    • EiffelBase, EiffelNet, EiffelTime, Eiffel lite XML parser
    • Note: you should use a corrected version of the XML parser (after revision #86381)


How to get the source code?



  mkdir xmpp_workspace
  cd xmpp_workspace
  mkdir library
  cd library
  svn co
  cd ..
  mkdir examples
  cd examples
  svn co

How can I try it

  • You can compile one of the examples:
  cd examples
  cd xmpp
  # Edit the '''example_parameters.e''' to set your own info (or copy this file under the override's folder, and edit this new file)
  ec -config xmpp_examples.ecf -target ex_jabber_bot -finalize -c_compile
  cd EIFGENs
  cd jabber_bot
  cd F_code
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