A port of the "infamous" APK Manager for Mac OS X!
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APK Manager for Mac OS X

version: 3.1b
Sun. Jul 21, 2013

CC (by-nc-sa) Jocelyn Mallon, 2011-2012

Original windows version (C) 2010 by Daneshm90
Adapted from Linux version, by farmatito 2010

APK Manager is a (massive) wrapper script to automate a number of various tools for android application re-engineering. The easiest way to install, is using git & Homebrew.

git clone git://github.com/jocelynmallon/apkmanager.git

Then run APKManager.app and follow the instructions that show up on screen.

If you have any problems, please see the wiki for further instructions and extra information, etc.

  1. APK Manager Wiki Homepage
  2. Basic Installation information
  3. Basic tips and tricks, etc.
  4. About/semi-FAQ
  5. Other Notes/Misc information
  6. Advanced/Nerd information
  7. APKManager.app Source/info
  8. APK Manager Changelog (v3.x)