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twitch tv/livestreamer for prezto

A simple prezto module for viewing streams with streamlink.

How to install

  • Download or clone this repo anywhere you choose, and symlink the root folder into your .zprezto/modules folder

      ln -s ./twitchtv ~/.zprezto/modules/twitchtv
  • Activate the plugin in ~/.zpreztorc:

      zstyle ':prezto:load' pmodule \
      twitchtv \
  • Open/re-load your shell to use the plugin.


  • ttv stream - used to open/watch the given stream using streamlink.

      ttv gamesdonequick

    Quality options can be supplied manually after the stream name:

    (a)udio, (h)igh, (l)ow, (m)edium, (s)ource/best, (w)orst/mobile

      ttv gamesdonequick h

    If quality is omitted/left blank, the script will open the "Source" quality stream by default.

  • ttv-setup user - downloads a list of channels the given user follows, and parse the list for use with zsh completion. This only saves new/unique entries, so you can combine lists from multiple users (by running this command multiple times) without duplicate entries being saved.

      ttv-setup your_twitch_username
  • ttv-save stream - manually add/save an entry to your cached/saved streams list.

      ttv-save foo
  • ttv-delete stream - manually delete an entry from your cached/saved streams list. Can accept multiple names/arguments to delete several streams at the same time.

      ttv-delete foo
      ttv-delete foo bar foobar


This requires streamlink to be installed and in your system PATH. If you have issues with permissions due to the default OSX python setup, I suggest installing a new copy of python via homebrew, reload your shell, then install streamlink with homebrew (or pip.)

    brew install python
    brew install streamlink

By default this plugin executes streamlink as a background job, to not block use of your shell. You can change this by manually editing the ttv function file, delete the trailing '&' from the following line:

    exec stream_name$stream_name $stream_qual &

You can change the location of the cached streams list (default is $HOME/.ttvstreams) by adding the environment variable 'TTVSTREAMS' to your shell profile.

    export TTVSTREAMS="foo/bar"