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🐶 Flowwow

Flowwow is an NFT pet marketplace built on Flow and NFT Storage. It is intended to be a demo of how to mint and manage NFTs on the Flow blockchain, storing them in IPFS and Filecoin via the service. You can browse delightful pets, adopt them (transfer from marketplace to your wallet), and release them (transfer from your wallet back to the marketplace).


First, make sure you install Flow CLI and sign up for a account to get the API token. You will also need to have Docker and Docker Compose installed.

Get Started

  1. Run the Flow chain emulator, local dev wallet, and the React app with docker-compose up

  2. Deploy the PetshopContract with flow project deploy

  3. Go to http://localhost:3000

  4. Click Login or Signup button to connect to a local dev wallet, which will let you choose an account. You can choose a separate account from the emulator (service account) or create new ones. Then, select "Activate Collection" under the dropdown menu for every new account.

  5. Try minting, adopting (transfer from marketplace to you), and releasing (transferring back to the marketplace) pet NFTs.


  • Authentication
    • Local dev wallet (emulator)
    • Flow-compatible wallets (testnet)
  • Non-fungible Token
    • Account setup
    • Minting (pre-minting and user-minting)
    • Withdrawing and deposit
  • Fungible Token
    • Account setup
    • Minting
    • Withdrawing and deposit
  • Storage
    • Store images on NFT Storage
    • Store all metadata on NFT Storage (testnet or mainnet)

Interacting with CLI

It can be helpful to directly interact with the contract(s) via the Flow CLI. Try running the following in a separate terminal, while the emulator is running:


Get all the NFTs' IDs on the chain

flow scripts execute ./src/flow/scripts/pets/GetAllTokenIds.cdc


Get the NFT's metadata from its ID

flow scripts execute ./src/flow/scripts/pets/CheckTokenMetaData.cdc <id>


Mint a new NFT of your own. Check out pets.json to get the idea of the JSON string to pass as an argument. Don't forget to include the IPFS link in the uri field (or any link to an online image resource) for your NFT to show up.

flow transactions send ./src/flow/transactions/pets/MintPetToken.cdc <JSON-string-describing-a-pet>


Dual-licensed under MIT and Apache 2. Dog and cat photos from Unsplash.


NFT petshop built on Flow blockchain and IPFS






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