Find in which PATH directory entry a file is located. Compile as CLI tool.
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This is a huge sofisticated super complex framework to find in which PATH directory a file is located. It can also be built as an executable. If you want just the function whereis() then open file whereis.js and copy paste it.

run using regular node

node whereis.js git.exe
git.exe found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\cmd\git.exe

node whereis.js blooperdeefloop
blooperdeefloop found nowhere

build for cli

If you have pkg installed you can build whereis by simply running

pkg .

This will compile a single executable for windows, linux and osx. If you add the location of whereis.exe to PATH then you can simply run this in your command line in any folder:

whereis node.exe


I have included a build for windows/linux/osx using Node v8.5.0 but it is generally advised to build things yourself.