Java WebForm Library: HTML Form generation and validation
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HTML forms in Java made easy. Independent of Web-Frameworks.

(Please be aware, that this is beta software. API can still change in a greater detail. Wait for the version 1.0.0 to adapt it.)





With jWebform you can define HTML forms in a clean way, fill them with request-variables, validate and build HTML out of them. It gets you away from the tedious work around form handling in HTML projects. It is framework agnostic, so it should work with every Java/Kotlin... Webframework around.

Form-handling support in current Java MVC frameworks is often basic. jWebForm tries to fill this gap by providing these features:

  • central form-definition for reuse and separation of concerns
  • avoiding a lot of boilerplate code
  • allow to handle the generic rendering of html for the form
  • build in validation and security

More here: Overview Features

jWebForm is for java what Symfony-Forms is for PHP or Rose::HTML for Perl.

Example project (Spring-Web MVC):

When to use it

jWebForm can be used everywhere you have to implement HTML or Ajax HTML-Forms. Especially useful:

  • When you define Forms in a generic way (in a CMS, where users can define Forms)
  • When you have a lot of forms
  • When you have form based web-apps
  • When you have to implement professional, good looking HTML-Forms but don' want to spend much time for it.

Maven Dependency

    <version>0.0.11</version> <!-- check on maven central for the latest version -->

A note about jFormchecker

What about jFormChecker? After a few months in production, I realised some points to improve and wanted to change the name, so I just rewrote it. jWebForm is jFormchecker2.

Improvements over jFormchecker




Java 8 required.


Thanks to Arman Sharif for his work on and the great Critera Classes