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Google Africa Developer Scholarship Phase II - Google Cloud Challenge I
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Google Africa Developer Scholarship Phase II

Google Cloud Challenge I

Tuesday, 14th October - Monday, 22nd October 2019

What is the goal of the Challenge?

To Deploy React Application using Docker and Google Cloud Platform

Who can be a part of the challenge

Only available to the Google Africa Developer Scholarship: Cloud Track Learners

How to start

  • Create a React App (Create React App)
  • Package your app into a Docker image
  • Run the container locally on your machine
  • Upload the image to a registry (Docker Hub)
  • Create a container cluster (inside Kubernetes Engine in GCP)
  • Deploy your app to the cluster
  • Expose your app to the Internet

Let the ALC program philosophy guide you

  • Own your learning as individuals/groups.
  • Hold yourself accountable.
  • While completing the lessons, it will be awesome to unblock and support fellow learners on Slack.
  • Ask clear questions when stuck, either in groups or the general channels.

Share your project

This will be an individual project but you can ask questions on your PLG slack group, the challenge will officially end 22nd of October 2019.

Next Steps on or before 23rd October 2019


While build the Docker image on Windows the process terminated with an error stating that react-scripts command would not be available to complete the build of the React app. Hence, react-scripts are installed globally during the build-stage.

RUN npm i -g react-scripts
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