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(ns leiningen.swank
"Launch swank server for Emacs to connect."
(:use [leiningen.compile :only [eval-in-project]])
(:import [ File]))
(defn swank-form [project port host opts]
;; bootclasspath workaround:
(when (:eval-in-leiningen project)
(require '[clojure walk template stacktrace]))
(let [is# ~(:repl-init-script project)]
(when (.exists (File. (str is#)))
(load-file is#)))
(require '~'swank.swank)
(require '~'swank.commands.basic)
(@(ns-resolve '~'swank.swank '~'start-repl)
(Integer. ~port) ~@(concat (map read-string opts)
[:host host]))
;; This exits immediately when using :eval-in-leiningen; must block
(when ~(:eval-in-leiningen project)
(doseq [t# ((ns-resolve '~'swank.commands.basic
(.join t#)))))
(defn swank
"Launch swank server for Emacs to connect. Optionally takes PORT and HOST."
([project port host & opts]
(eval-in-project project (swank-form project port host opts)))
([project port] (swank project port "localhost"))
([project] (swank project 4005)))