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A Leiningen template for ClojureScript development.

I put this together to allow me to set up a new ClojureScript project very quickly. It also pulls in Bootstrap and jQuery and defines a simple layout and initial web page. Compojure is a dependency for running a web server to test out your CLojureScript.


Make sure you have Leiningen installed.

git clone https://github.com/jococo/cljs-skeleton.git
cd cljs-skeleton
lein install

The you need to tell Leiningen about the new template. In your ~/.lein/ folder (in your home directory) open profiles.clj. If there are no plugins then you need to enter:

    {:plugins [[cljs-skeleton/lein-template "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"]]}}

Alternatively, it may be that you already have leiningen plugins. In which case you solely need to add:

[cljs-skeleton/lein-template "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"]

Into the plugins vector.


Replacing 'new-project-name' with the name you choose for your new project:

lein new cljs-skeleton new-project-name

This command will create a new folder with all the project files specified by the template inside it.


CD into the new project.

To fire up the web server, type the following in a terminal from within your project:

lein ring server

Leave that running and then open another terminal and CD to you project, then type:

lein cljsbuild auto dev

which gives automatic compilation whenever you make any changes in your ClojureScript files.


This section on setting up a Repl that connects with the running code in your browser comes from the excellent set of ClojureScript tutorials modern-cljs

Open another terminal window in the root of the project. Type:

./cljs-repl listen

If you get the message permission denied then cljs-repl is not executable so type:

chmod +x cljs-repl

When you get the message 'listening on port 9000' refresh your browser, then, in the terminal, you should see the ClojureScript repl command prompt. Now type:

(js/alert "Hi there")

and you should be rewarded with an Alert box appearing in your browser window.


Copyright © 2013 Joc O'Connor

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.