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Youtube Music Engine

Script PHP

Youtube Music Engine Script is an online script that displays intelligent results on the screen so that the visitor can hear and add desired songs to a playlist. The user can see artist bios, top tracks, save playlist in local browser and more.

Youtube Music Engine have the technology "Radio Mode": the user can discover new songs and artist in intelligent mode and create automatic playlist. All this with AJAX technology to improve the user experience. Youtube Music Engine was developed using codeigniter and bootstrap which allows administrator to escalate the application as his desire using this frameworks.


-Full ajax interface

-Very easy to use and install

-Codeigniter Framework

-Responsive Design

-Radio Mode

-Facebook Share

-Video Ready

-Local Storage Playlist


-Artist Bio

-Artist Top Tracks

-Custom Settings

-Database Extended

-User Registration

-Playlist Manager


Operating System : Linux

Web Server : Apache

PHP Version: 5.4 or Higher

PHP allow_url_fopen ON

PHP CURL Enabled

Mod_Rewrite Module Enabled

Mysql 5.x


1.Unzip the package "" into the document root directory in your server.

2.Check if exists .htaccess file in your server (This file is hidden)

3.In a web browser go to

4.Submit the required data Example: username, password, database name, host, email admin and password admin.


6.Enter the admin control panel using the next url


Knowledge Base

###You don't know Youtube Music Engine?

Try search on Google:

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