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Comics is a webcomics aggregator.

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Comics is a webcomics aggregator. Out of the box it can crawl and archive about two hundred comics every day. The comics are made available through an easy to use web interface were users can build personalized collections of their favorite comics, and then read them on the site or using a feed reader.

Adding a new comic to your installation requires only the addition of a single Python file with some metadata and a few lines of code. To make crawler development easy, Comics comes with both documentation and powerful APIs for crawling web sites and feeds.

Installation and usage

Comics runs on Python and Django. For instructions on how to install and use it, see the documentation.

Development status

The Comics project is almost as old as Django itself, with the code base originating back to 2007. However, as of 2021, the project isn't entirely dead: the project maintainer is still running his own instance with a number of regular users. There are no immediate plans for any new features, but the project is up-to-date with recent releases of Python, Django, and other dependencies, with a modern and maintainable deployment setup.


Comics is copyright 2009-2021 Stein Magnus Jodal and contributors. Comics is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3.