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Releases: jodal/comics


09 Feb 08:19
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Maintenance release, primarily upgrading dependencies.


10 Apr 17:45
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Maintenance release, primarily upgrading dependencies:

  • Upgraded Django from 3.1.7 to 3.2.
  • Upgraded Pillow from 8.1.2 to 8.2.0.
  • Switched from python-memcached to pymemcache as library for using Memcached as Django's cache backend.


31 Mar 15:41
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Bugfix release.

  • Fix crash when inviting a new user.
  • Add type hints to APIs used by crawlers to make them easier to use correctly.


28 Mar 10:37
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Breaking changes

  • Comics has finally moved to Python 3. Python 2.7 is no longer supported.
  • Removed auto-activation of virtualenv in the WSGI module.


  • Sentry error reporting is now supported. Set the SENTRY_DSN environment variable to activate it.


New dependencies:

  • httpx (replacing low-level urllib and http.client usage)
  • sentry-sdk

Upgraded dependencies:

  • Python 3.7 or newer
  • Django 3.1.7
  • django-allauth 0.44
  • django-debug-toolbar 3.2
  • django-extensions 3.1.1
  • feedparser 6.0.2
  • gunicorn 20.1.0
  • lxml 4.6.3
  • Pillow 8.1.2

Development environment

  • Correct formatting is checked by flake8 using flake8-black.
  • Import sorting and grouping is now checked by flake8-isort instead of flake8-import-order and flake8-tidy-imports. Use isort to automatically fix the import sorting and grouping.


21 Mar 21:18
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Breaking changes

  • Replaced comics.settings.local module with environment variables or a .env file in the project directory for configuration. This makes it easier to deploy Comics on services like Heroku.
  • Replaced comics.wsgi.local modules with the VIRTUALENV_ROOT environment variable for specifying the path to the virtualenv the WSGI app should activate when starting.
  • Removed the comics "sets" app. It has been deprecated since the release of Comics 2.0 in 2012. The database table comics_set may be dropped.


  • New dependencies:

    • django-allauth
    • django-environ
    • django-invitations
  • Removed dependencies:

    • django-invitation (was bundled with Comics)
    • django-registration
  • Upgraded dependencies:

    • Django 1.11
    • cssselect
    • defusedxml
    • django-bootstrap-form
    • django-tastypie
    • django_compressor
    • jsmin
    • Pillow
  • Upgraded jQuery, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, and Moment.js to newer versions.


  • Fix j/k keyboard navigation which didn't work on all Firefox versions. (PR: #91)
  • To avoid spam submitted through the feedback form, it now only allows authenticated users to submit feedback.


  • Numerous fixes and improvements. Many fixes are still needed after years of little crawler maintenance.

Migration from 2.x to 3.x

Since we've changed the invitation system from django-invitation (singular) to django-invitations (plural), a new database table is used to keep track of the invitations. If you want to keep historical data of old invitations, you can migrate the old data into the new table by running the following SQL query:

INSERT INTO invitations_invitation (id, email, accepted, created, key, sent, inviter_id)
    COALESCE(NULLIF(invite.key, ''), 'unknown-invite-key-' ||,
    invitation_invitationkey AS invite
    JOIN auth_user AS registrant ON (invite.registrant_id =;

SELECT setval('invitations_invitation_id_seq', (SELECT max(id) FROM invitations_invitation))

After the upgrade is done, and you've migrated any invitation data you want to keep, you can optionally delete the old tables as they are no longer in use:

DROP TABLE invitation_invitationkey;
DROP TABLE invitation_invitationuser;

v2.4.3 (2017-04-01)

20 Mar 10:15
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  • Update all crawlers based on HeltNormaltCrawlerBase after site change.


  • New: businesscat
  • New: donthitsave
  • New: firekanta
  • New: mollybeans
  • New: truthfactsgo
  • New: wyyrd
  • Update: lunchtu after site change.
  • Update: thegamercat after feed change.

v2.4.2 (2016-01-19)

20 Mar 10:14
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  • Get larger images for all comics.


  • New: bloomcounty2015
  • New: marydeath
  • New: sarahcandersen
  • New: thedanemen
  • New: unsounded
  • Update: hjalmar to fix crash.
  • Update: leasticoulddo to fix image format.
  • Update: mutts to use new domain.
  • Update: All comic crawlers to set a User-Agent header.

v2.4.1 (2015-09-04)

20 Mar 10:14
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  • Fix references to comics list "below". It was moved to its own page in


  • New: criticalmiss
  • New: dumbingofage
  • New: fowllanguage
  • New: jesusandmo
  • New: ssss
  • Update: adam4d after site change.
  • Update: asofterworld after site change.
  • Update: babyblues after site change.
  • Update: beetlebailey after site change.
  • Update: blasternation after feed change.
  • Update: cyanideandhappiness after site change.
  • Update: dilbert after site change.
  • Update: dustin after site change.
  • Update: hijinksensue after feed change.
  • Update: hjalmar after file format change.
  • Update: joyoftech after feed change.
  • Update: kiwiblitz after site change.
  • Update: lizclimo after feed change.
  • Update: lookingforgroup after feed change.
  • Update: nerfnow to include text.
  • Update: pidjin after feed change.
  • Update: satw after site change.
  • Update: scenesfromamultiverse to include User-Agent in request.
  • Update: smbc after feed change.
  • Update: thegamercat after feed change.
  • Update: threepanelsoul after feed change.
  • Update: wumovg after file format change.
  • Update: yafgc after feed change.

v2.4.0 (2015-01-03)

20 Mar 10:14
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  • Dependencies with new minimum versions:

    • Django >= 1.7, < 1.8
    • django-tastypie >= 0.12, < 0.13
  • Dependencies with new maximum versions:

    • Pillow >= 1.7, < 2.8
  • Removed dependencies:

    • South
  • Switched the database migrations from using South to the builtin tool in Django 1.7. Due to this, all old database migrations have been thrown away. If you're running an old version of comics, please upgrade to the latest v2.3.x release first to get your database entirely up to date, then upgrade to v2.4.x. There are no database changes between v2.3.x and v2.4.x.

v2.3.4 (2015-01-03)

20 Mar 10:13
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  • New: awkwardzombie
  • New: fatawesome
  • New: lizclimo
  • New: lunarbaboon
  • Update zits to fetch from better source.
  • Update nerfnow after feed change.