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Compare bean generation tools

Repository used to compare various bean generation tools. Relates to talk CON8257 at JavaOne 2016, however it is generally useful for comparing generation tool.

A bean is intended to be a data object with getters, equals, hashCode and toString generated, see the original JavaBean specification. A mutable bean has setters to allow the data to be mutated. However, most of the projects here generate immutable beans, which have builders and/or withers instead of setters. In Java 8, I personally recommend develpopers to start moving to immutable data objects throughout their system.

This project compares the following projects:

There are other "Bean" APT code generators (not currently used in this project):

Many other code generation tools exist for Java. This list is not exhaustive:


To install this project in Eclipse and get it to compile, you need:

  • The M2E Maven plugin
  • The M2E APT plugin (update site)
  • Go to preferences and change "Maven/Annotation Processing" to "Automatically configure"
  • Refresh the project using right-click "Maven/Update project"

Pull requests

Feel free to raise a Pull Request if there is another bean-generation project that I have missed.