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Useful Links for Orthanc

Mobile apps

  • "Mobile DICOM viewers", post by Marco Barnig testing which mobile apps for radiology are compatible with Orthanc.



  • Korthweb is a project by Yi Lu for automated Orthanc deployment on Kubernetes platforms, with configurations for security and observability.


  • The "GNU Health Automatic Deployment" Ansible playbooks by Gerald Wiese aims "to automatically deploy the hospital information system GNU Health including the HMIS node, Thalamus, the DICOM server Orthanc and a desktop environment as a client using the GNU Health HMIS node."




  • Orthanc Client by Frédéric Woelffel ("Orthanc REST API client designed for NodeJS").

Ruby and Ruby on Rails

  • Ruby gem by Simon Rascovsky ("Client for the Orthanc DICOM server REST API").


  • beren: Orthanc REST client in Python
  • orthanc-server-extensions: A simple Orthanc python plugin based framework to extend Orthanc’s feature set with testable python scripts



  • OrthWeb is a project by by Yi Lu for automated Orthanc deployment on AWS. It provisions underlying cloud resources and configures Docker to host Orthanc on EC2 instance.
  • Orthanc deployment on AWS using AWS CDK is a project that "aims to help you provision a ready-to-use Orthanc cluster on Amazon ECS Fargate, with support for the official S3 plugin." It is written by Tamas Santa.
  • Research PACS on AWS is a project that "facilitates researchers to access medical images stored in the clinical PACS in a secure and seamless manner, after potentially identifying information is removeed, and allows medical images to be exported to Amazon S3 in order to leverage cloud capabilities for processing." It is written by Nicolas Malaval.

Tools based upon Orthanc

External documentations and user guides