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Orthanc for Docker

Docker Hub repository to build Orthanc and its official plugins. Orthanc is a lightweight, RESTful Vendor Neutral Archive for medical imaging.

Summary of docker images hosted by this repository:

Docker Image Name Description
jodogne/orthanc Docker image for the Orthanc core. This image is always kept in sync with the latest releases of the Orthanc project, with a basic configuration system that is inherited from the Debian packages. This image is most useful to software developers and researchers.
jodogne/orthanc-plugins Docker image for the Orthanc core, together with its most important plugins (notably its Orthanc Web viewer, its PostgreSQL support, its DICOMweb implementation, and its whole-slide imaging viewer).
jodogne/orthanc-python A heavier version of the orthanc-plugins image, as it embeds the Python 3.7 interpreter. This image is useful if you have an interest in the Python plugin.

Full documentation is available in the Orthanc Book.

The content of this Docker repository is licensed under the AGPLv3+ license.


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