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<p style="text-align: center"><a href=""><img width="174" height="36" src="images/wxhaskell-black-small.png" alt="wxHaskell logo" style="border: none"></a></p>
<p>wxHaskell is a portable and native GUI library for <a href="">Haskell</a>. The goal of the project
is to provide an industrial strength GUI library for Haskell, but without the burden of developing
(and maintaining) one ourselves. </p>
<p>wxHaskell is therefore built on top of <a href="">wxWidgets</a> &ndash; a comprehensive C++ library that is portable across all major GUI platforms; including GTK, Windows, X11, and MacOS X. Furthermore, it is a mature library (in development since 1992) that supports a wide range of widgets with the native look-and-feel, and it has a very active community (ranked among the top 25 most active projects on sourceforge).</p>
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<p>Since the core interface is generated
automatically from the <a href="">wxEiffel</a> binding, about 90% of the wxWidgets functionality is already supported, excluding more "exotic" widgets like dockable windows. Most work is currently directed into writing a Haskellized version of the wxWidgets API. The library currently supports Windows, GTK (Linux) and MacOS X.
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<dl class="news">
<dt>January 20, 2007</dt>
<dd>wxHaskell has a new set of maintainers, led by Jeremy O'Donoghue. We are working on a release for version 0.10, with Unicode support, a Cabalized build process and more. All recent development is taking place under a new darcs repository (<tt>darcs get</tt>).
<dt>June 4, 2005</dt>
<dd>Lucas Torreão, Emanoel Barreiros, Hilda Borborema, and Keldjan Alves have written a reversi game with wxHaskell. See the <a href="applications.html#hsreversi">screenshots</a>.
<dt>May 8, 2005</dt>
<dd>A bug-fix update of version 0.9.4 is <a href="download.html">released</a>. This update enables wxHaskell with the GHCi 6.4 interpreter on Windows platforms.
<dt>May 7 2004</dt>
<dd><span class="important">wxWidgets news:</span> The wxWidgets library (as well as wxPython and wxPerl) is being bundled as part of recently released Mac OS X Tiger operating system. Furthermore, there are three interesting new wxWidgets products: <a href="">Bitwise IM</a> is a cross-platform encrypted instant messenger application. Kynosoft recently released <a href="">magic splitter</a>, a file splitter and checksum utility. Finally, Lit Window Productions released <a href="">wxVisualSetup 2.6</a> which integrates wxWidgets into the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET IDE.
<dt>May 3, 2005</dt>
<dd class="important">Version 0.9.4 is <a href="download.html">released</a>. It comes with installers for
Fedora (Linux), Windows, and MacOSX. This is mostly an update to support the latest <a href="">GHC 6.4</a>.
<dt>Feb 25, 2005</dt>
<dd class="important">Version 0.9 is <a href="download.html">released</a>. It comes with installers for
Fedora (Linux), Windows, and MacOSX. There is now support for printing and configuration files. Furthermore, there is much improved process support. Read the <a href="">release notes</a> for a detailed account of all changes.
<dt>Nov 5 2004</dt>
<dd>Sander Evers has released <a href="">Functional Forms</a>: a library for wxHaskell to easily create dialogs to display and edit corresponding Haskell values. See the <a href="applications.html#fforms">screenshot</a>.
<dt>Sep 23 2004</dt>
<dd><b>The technology behind the winners:</b>
Team <a href="">Dunkosmiloolump</a> has used
wxHaskell for their submission to the <a href="">Seventh annual ICFP programming contest</a> &ndash; and they won the contest! See the <a href="applications.html#icfpcontest">screenshot</a>.
<dt>Jul 27 2004</dt>
<dd class="important">Version 0.8 is <a href="download.html">released</a>. It comes with installers for
Fedora (Linux), Windows, and MacOSX. There have been many bug fixes and many internal changes: managed resources are supported and all object references are checked. The wxGrid control is added and many other controls have a simplified interface. This version contains changes that are not backwards compatible but most are very small. Read the <a href="">release notes</a> for a detailed account of all changes.
<dt>Jul 26 2004</dt>
<dd>Many internal changes: support for managed resources like bitmaps and full NULL pointer
checking on object pointers. Also added enhanced grid control support with wxGrid events (<a href="samples.html#grid">screenshot</a>).
<dt>Jul 24 2004</dt>
<dd><span class="important">wxWidgets news:</span> Elementec Software has released a very good backup program written in wxWidgets, <a href="">Backup&amp;Compress</a>. It works great on Windows systems.
<dt>Jul 22 2004</dt>
<dd>Wei Tan has made a graphical heap profile viewer for GHC with wxHaskell, called <a href="">HPView</a>. See the <a href="applications.html#hpview">screenshots</a>.
<dt>Jun 8 2004</dt>
<dd>Team <a href="">Dunkosmiloolump</a> has used
wxHaskell for their submission to the <a href="">Seventh annual ICFP programming contest</a>. See the <a href="applications.html#icfpcontest">screenshot</a>.
<dt>Jun 4 2004</dt>
<dd>We are working towards version 0.8. This will support the new wxWidgets 2.5.2, and have many
improvements, like variable objects, NULL pointer checking and managed resources like bitmaps.
<dt>May 10 2004</dt>
<dd>Support for radio menu items and file types in file save dialogs.
<dt>Apr 2 2004</dt>
<dd class="important">Version 0.7 is <a href="download.html">released</a>. It comes with installers for
Fedora (Linux), Windows, and MacOSX. There have been some bug fixes, and more attributes are added to
influence style settings of windows. The build system has also improved, especially for Linux systems.
<dt>Apr 2 2004</dt>
<dd>Eric Y. Kow has created a <a href="">Wiki site</a> for wxHaskell!
You are invited to add useful tips, screenshots, or example programs.
<dt>Apr 2 2004</dt>
<dd>Sean Seefried has provided a <a href="samples.html#opengl">screenshot</a> that
demonstrates the wxHaskell <a href="doc/Graphics.UI.WXCore.OpenGL.html">OpenGL
canvas</a> using the <a href="">HOpenGL</a> binding
by Sven Panne.
<dt>Mar 24 2004</dt>
<dd>Updated screenshots and added screenshots of wxHaskell <a href="applications.html">applications</a>.
wxHaskell also builds properly now with wxWidgets 2.5.1 and can link statically with the wxWidgets libraries.
Menu bugs on MacOS X have been fixed.
<dt>Feb 29 2004</dt>
<dd>The windows installer of wxHaskell 0.6 has been <a href="download.html">updated</a> to better support
windows98 and windows95 platforms.
<dt>Feb 23 2004</dt>
<dd class="important">Version 0.6 is <a href="download.html">released</a>. This version fixes many outstanding
bugs, has basic support for MDI applications, and compiles with the latest CVS snapshots of wxWidgets.
<dt>Feb 20 2004</dt>
<dd><span class="important">wxWidgets news:</span> wxWindows changes its name into wxWidgets! Microsoft has requested this change and,
in exchange, provides modest financial support for further development of wxWidgets
(<a href="">read more</a>).
<dt>Feb 20 2004</dt>
<dd>wxHaskell is compiled with the latests CVS snapshot of wxWidgets on MacOS X 10.3 (Panther) with GHC 6.2.
The snapshot still contains menu bugs on the Mac though. Also added a convenient installer for the
<a href="building-macosx.html">readline library</a> to make the build process on the Mac relatively painless.
<dt>Feb 20 2004</dt>
<dd>Finally! the resize bugs have been found and fixed. Furthermore, support for MDI windows is added. We are
working towards a 0.6 release in the next week.
<dt>Feb 19 2004</dt>
<dd>A patch to the windows installer of version 0.5 is released (named ...-0.5-1).
<dt>Feb 14 2004</dt>
<dd class="important">Version 0.5 is <a href="download.html">released</a>. This is basically a patch-level
release for GHC 6.2. Also added support for html window events. Unfortunately, there are still some resize bugs.
<dt>Dec 22 2003</dt>
<dd><span class="important">wxWidgets news:</span> wxWidgets on <a href="">mobile phones</a>! (using the Borland C++ builder Nokia edition on series 60 phones with the <a href="">Symbian OS</a>).
<dt>Dec 19 2003</dt>
<dd><span class="important">wxWidgets news:</span> wxWidgets get its own <a href="">software foundation</a> to promote and protect wxWidgets&#39; interest. The foundation is chaired by Mitch Kapor, now leading the <a href="">Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF)</a> (which is using wxWidgets for their Chandler product).
<dt>Dec 18 2003</dt>
<dd><span class="important">wxWidgets news:</span> The new <a href="">Borland Builder-X</a> development environment for C++ will ship with wxWidgets as its windowing toolkit. Read the official <a href="">wxWidgets statement</a>, and take a look at a <a href="">screenshot</a> from the pre-evaluation version.
<dt>Nov 7 2003</dt>
<dd class="important">Version 0.4 is <a href="download.html">released</a>. Most important addition is extensive ODBC database support (not yet on MacOS X) and improved installation on windows. Resize issues have been fixed.
<dt>Oct 30 2003</dt>
<dd>Extensive support for portable ODBC <a href="">database access</a> has been added.
Includes functionality to retrieve full meta information about databases and result sets.
At the moment only tested on Windows with MS SQL Server and MS Access, and unsupported on MacOS X.</dd>
<dt>Oct 25 2003</dt>
<dd>Support for the <a href="">openGL canvas</a> has been added, and we are looking for volunteers
to test it with <a href="">HOpenGL</a>. At the moment unsupported on MacOS X.</dd>
<dt>Oct 9 2003</dt>
<dd class="important"><a href="screenshots.html#linformaticien"><img
src="images/couvn9-small.png" alt="Cover of the magazine" width=95 height=127
style="float: right; margin-left: 4pt"></a>Haskell on the cover of magazine! wxHaskell is featured in the october 2003 edition of <a href="">L&#39;informaticien</a> &ndash; a popular French PC magazine. The article has been written by Fr&eacute;d&eacute;ric Mazu&eacute;. I have added
some <a href="screenshots.html#linformaticien">screenshots</a > of the relevant pages.
<dt>Oct 1 2003</dt>
<dd class="important">Version 0.3 is released. This is a patch-level release against the new wxWidgets 2.4.2
library. Behaviour is especially improved on MacOS X. Also contains new functionality to manipulate pixel buffers
<dt>Sep 26 2003</dt>
<dd>Jens petersen kindly provided a <a href="download.html">rpm</a> for Red Hat Linux.
<dt>Sep 16 2003</dt>
<dd class="important">Version 0.2 is released! The new release has (improved) support for tree controls, list
controls, toolbars, splitter windows, sliders, gauges, and bitmap
buttons. <a href="screenshots.html">Screenshots</a> of these widgets on different platforms have been
added to the website. Furthermore, there are numerous small bug fixes,
especially for wxGTK.
<dt>Sep 15 2003</dt>
<dd>Fixed numerous small bugs after extensive testing on GTK and MacOS X. Issues on GTK: tree control has the wrong size (looks bulky), unable to run <code>main</code> twice from <code>ghci</code>.
<dt>Sep 11 2003</dt>
<dd>Improved support for toolbars, sliders, and gauge controls.
<dt>Sep 10 2003</dt>
<dd>Improved support for tree controls, list controls, image lists, and splitter windows (i.e. <em>sash bars</em>). See the <a href="screenshots.html">screenshots</a>.
<dt>Aug 22 2003</dt>
<dd><span class="important">wxWidgets news:</span> AOL has released <a href="">AOL Communicator</a>, built with a modified version of wxWidgets. An article about AOL Communicator can be found on <a href=""></a>.
<dt>Aug 21 2003</dt>
<dd>wxHaskell has been build with GHC version 6.0.1. (GHC versions 6.0, 5.04.3, and interim 5.05 were
already supported).
<dt>Aug 19 2003</dt>
<dd>Sweeping changes: renamed the library <code>WXH</code> to the more appropiate
name <code>WXCore</code>. Also fixed type signatures in the marshalling of tree controls, list controls, toolbars and splitter windows.
<dt>Aug 18 2003</dt>
<dd><a href="">Arthur Baars</a> has provided a proper
<a href="download.html">installer</a> for MacOS X now.
<dt>July 22 2003</dt>
<dd>There is a binary release for MacOS X now. Furthermore, the source release (version 0.1) has been
updated with a small bug fix in the configure script that caused build problems on Linux systems.
<dt>July 21 2003</dt>
<dd class="important">We are proud to announce the first public release of wxHaskell 0.1! There is even a binary distribution
for Windows.
<dt>July 18 2003</dt>
<dd>Added two more screenshots: Proxima (by Martijn Schrage) and Tha-Simulator (by Wijnand Suijlen).
<dt>July 14 2003</dt>
<dd>Close to the first release, we have updated the build system: all projects are now
build with a single makefile and configure script, and distributions are automatically generated.
The new development tree is in the <code>wxhaskell</code> directory: the other directories are
now considered obsolete (<code>wxc</code>, <code>wxdirect</code>, <code>wxh</code>, and <code>wx</code>).
<dt>July 9 2003</dt>
<dd><span class="lib">wxHaskell</span> now runs properly on MacOS X!. It still contains some small
redraw problems with resizeable dialogs but all the samples work ok.
<dt>July 9 2003</dt>
<dd>The <span class="lib">wxc</span> library compiles now with Microsoft Visual C++ on windows platforms. The
resulting dynamic link library is just 600kb (while the gnu compiled libraries are 2mb).
<dt>July 3 2003</dt>
<dd>The <span class="lib">wx</span> library is available through sourceforge now.
<dt>July 2 2003</dt>
<dd>A major revision of the wxHaskell library has been committed &ndash; all the <em>this</em> pointers
are now passed as the first argument instead of the last.
<dt>July 1 2003</dt>
<dd class="important">wxHaskell has been used in the <a href="">ICFP contest</a>
by <a href="">Team Dom</a>
to create a graphical editor for solving the tracks. There is a nice
<a href="">screenshot</a> of the editor running on GTK/Linux.
<dt>June 4 2003</dt>
<dd>Arthur Baars has kindly provided his Linux machine and his time!, to build <span class="lib">wxHaskell</span> successfully on MacOSX (see the <a href="screenshots.html">screenshots</a>). Unfortunately, drawing device contexts
do not work at this moment.
<dt>June 3 2003</dt>
<dd>We started working on make files for mingw32 (win32), unix, and MacOSX. Alpha release scheduled for the first week of July.
<dt>Apr 22 2003</dt>
<dd>Andres L&ouml;h has kindly provided his Linux machine (and his time :-), to build <span class="lib">wxHaskell</span> successfully with GTK. <a href="screenshots.html">Screenshots</a> have been added. We have some small problems with mouse motion events on GTK though (May 20 2003 update: the problems are gone with the
latest (cvs) GHC version).
<dt>Feb 18 2003</dt>
<dd>Preliminary <a href="documentation.html">documentation</a> on the <span class="lib">wx</span> library added.
<dt>Feb 1 2003</dt>
<dd>Put the <span class="lib">wxHaskell</span> project on sourceforge.
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