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Building wxWidgets
wxWidgets 2.9.3 for Debian 6 with GHC 6.12
./configure --enable-unicode --disable-debug --prefix=/usr/local --enable-stc --enable-aui --enable-propgrid --enable-xrc --enable-ribbon --enable-richtext --with-opengl
make && sudo make install
You may need to fix LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I did.
Quick workaround:
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}
Better workaround:
Putting /usr/local/lib into the default library path for all users (if you have root privilege)
su -
echo /usr/local/lib > /etc/
wxHaskell 0.90 with GHC 6.12
cabal update
cd wxdirect
cabal install
cd ../wxc
cabal install
cd ../wxcore
cabal install
cd ../wx
cabal install
The following shortcut should also work, as it is effectively the same thing:
export PATH=${PATH}:~/.cabal/bin
cabal install wx
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