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<title>Turtle graphics results AFP-2003</title>
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<h1>AFP 2003: turtle graphics.</h1>
<p>This year, everyone had delivered a functioning turtle language. Special credit goes to
Christof Douma for the nicest embedding of the turtle language using monads:
do forward 100
right 90
forward 100
<p>Unfortunately, besides a good mark, there is no prize for the best embedding :-)
Although it was a close finish with the teenage ninja turtles,
this year's bag of M&amp;M's for the best drawing goes to
Niels van der Velden and Mart Kolthof for their flower-power submission! They can pick
up their price at the office of Daan Leijen (B023).
<img src="images/afp2003/velden-kolthof.png" width=448 height=366>
<p>Flower power from Niels van der Velden and Mart Kolthof</p>
<img src="images/afp2003/heitman-reyngoud.png" width=558 height=654>
<p>The teenage ninja turtle of Guno Heitman en Niels Reyngoud</p>
<img src="images/afp2003/brouns-nagel.png" width=389 height=375>
<p>The parallel turtles of Ingmar Brouns, Peter Nagel</p>
<img src="images/afp2003/christoff.png" width=508 height=527>
<p>Christof's klavertje vier</p>
<img src="images/afp2003/robert.png" width=389 height=439>
<p>Recursive flowers of Robert van Herk</p>