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Commits on Apr 13, 2008
  1. Shifted to Pavel's Debian build system

    Mads Lindstroem authored
    I have changed the current Debian build system to the one made by
    Pavel Shramov. It is a lot simpler than the current one. Also it is
    similar to what can normally be found in the Debian archieve, and I
    therefore assume that it will be easier to some day get an offecial
    WxHaskell Debian package.
    All of the files in the debian directory is the work of Pavel.
    I changed only one thing, as compared to Pavel's version. Namely that
    I removed the dependcy on libghc6-time-dev. I did it, as this
    dependency makes the package un-buildable on Debian unstable (GHC
    6.8). At release 0.10.3, some users requested a GHC 6.8 version, and
    it is therefore important that we can provide one.
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